where is the Love?

I often felt that trying to be the perfect parent even if it was only one area, put way too much pressure on me.

Now I see it different, all though I no longer strive to be the perfect parent I always try too reach for a higher level of awesomeness


being your own parent.

My parents showed me true love only limited by their own insecurity, I longed for attention and never seemed to find it with them and it caused me to have many years of pain and suffering, but now I know that peace comes form with in I have learnt to give attention to my self and love ALL of me..

There are days where I’m so burnt out i feel like using physical power to get things done ( yes, I also have uncomfortable thoughts like that) And in situations like this there are several ways of going about it, the most common are, “accidentally” acting on the impulse and hating your self for it, not acting on it and still hating your self for thinking it or acting on it and being so numbed out by mental suffering that you don’t think anything of it. My guess is that since you are reading this post on this site,  you are not in the group of people who fall into the last reaction.

What I found out is that there is a completyely differnt way of living with these feelings that acctually reduce them secnificantly. notising them and treating your self from your highes level of ambition as if you where your own child.

You see when my kid is acting out and being “unreasonable” I take my time to ask her what’s wrong, I give her my time and attention so she can let out her frustrations´, sometimes we even go to a quiet room where she can calmly cry out what ever has build up in her mind and body, an act that often results in a painful burst out of tears and a physical reaction to emotional discontent. afterwords she often says “mom, I love you” gives me a kiss and goes on in life as if she had never had a better day, need I say “I LOVE IT” It’s not nice to hear you baby cry, but we often forget that crying is just as natural for a child as breathing and it’s almost just as important (I know air is a life/death essential, but crying kinda also is for your mental health) SO what does that have to do with how I treat my self when I get so tired I become short tempered, Well everything.. Now I do the same for my self, when I feel the bad mood striring, I give my self a time out to breath and ask me (my inner child) “whats wrong, how can I help” I give my self time and attention and the safety to have a good cry if I need it.


How do you treat yourself when you have “off” days?

please share in the comments below and tell me if you could see yourself using the same Technic as I do.

All in Love


TIme Out!

“Oh Divine presence tell me, when will I learn!?”

I some times still forget that the most important asset in my life is ME! and I’m even good at it now! luckily, I almost can’t remember how it felt to do everything for every one else, how horrible I felt when I kept pushing and pushing to get something done and how bad I felt when I couldn’t do it.

DO you do that? do you try and please every one, do you try to do the best you can even though it almost kills you and/or your spirit, how about keeping friends, family and kids Happy all at the same time. Damn hard work!

So stop! if you are tired, relax. If you don’t wan’t to do something, then don’t. If you would rather spend time alone at home in your PJ’s then visit your in-laws, then DO IT… I here by give you the permission to do with your time and your life what you feel is right for you.. and I recommend that you give it to your self too and stop using every one else as an excuse for your own burn-out.

The fact is you’ll find that, you feel more content, you’ll have more energy, you will love your family even more then you do now because they will no longer be the thing that kills your spirit. And don’t worry what they’ll think, let them worry about that. You’ll in most cases find that they too find you more happy, content and pleasant to be with and there for cheer you on in finding your joy and having you-time.

Not too long ago i too forgot to take care of me and in effect I forgot to take care of my family, because I felt that they where consuming my last sparks of energy. My excuse was money, I didn’t feel I had time to relax when I also had to provide for the family. Fortunately I realized what I was up to and took a couple of days of and now I feel more inspired then ever and money is coming my way. So stop hiding behind your excuses and start taking care of your self, most of the time that is what is needed to find you solution and create more Love and joy in your life..

What’s your excuse for not having you-time?

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With Love


True Love.


I have once again fallen in love with my past…

Even though my parents had and still have limiting beliefs, they never ever for one second stopped believing in me and even to the extent where they almost never contacted me, “We thought you might be busy and didn’t want to disturb” and I really wasn’t actually most of the time I was longing for their attention, hoping that they cared enough to call me, but they didn’t and believing that they didn’t care only made me more and more desperate, alone and sad.

Some time ago I realized the my life was my responsibility and I let go of my parents and became my own parent, I also accepted that if I had a need for contact it was me who had to live it out and I chose to focus on the times we did get to talk and no on the times we did not, which led to much more pleasant, calm and loving conversations, not because they had changed but because my opinion of our relationship had changed, it had an immediate effect but it took some time to really sink in and merge with my cells and being.

First now at the age of 27 I can see the bigger picture, first now I’m really ready to Love fully, I love myself enough to not need their approval and I finally after too many years of disappointment and anger towards them for “abandoning” me when I most needed them, I can now see that not having to deal with their ideas, thoughts and beliefs has given me the freedom to make up my own mind and fully live my life, so that is what I do now, every day I think of what I need and what I would love to do and it is amazing. I love my parents deeply and now I love that I only speak with them once in a while, it gives me a chance to miss them even more…

I truly believe that as long as I seek the truth I will fall in love with my life again and again…

Super Friday..

What a beautiful day to be a super parent,

the sun is shining, birds are singing, my kid’s smiling, we are all well rested and most of all today is a great day to be a super parent because, IT IS..

No other day is better then the ones we have, to be the best we can. Being a super parent is not about having super powers or riding things out waiting for the right time, it’s about being the best you can NOW, because YOU CAN..

SO why is it such a super Friday?

Well that’s because today I have taken jet another big step on the road of fulfilling MY dream and living MY passion. For a “long” time now I have wanted to do something to give kids a life with less confusion, higher self esteem levels and more support/guidance than I, my peers and most of the generations before us have ever had. So here is the first of MANY post on superparentsecrets.com